All samples must be accompanied by a sample submission form. The purpose of the sample submission form is to dictate the documentation needed to demonstrate the traceability of the sample is maintained throughout the receipt, testing and storage process.

Upon receipt, a Prime Health Labs employee will unpack the samples and verify them against the sample submission form. This verification will include ensuring the sample names and lot numbers match, that the indicated number of samples were received and the sample submission form was filled out correctly.

Prime health reserves the right to reject samples. Samples may be rejected due to the following reasons including but not limited to:

    • Samples with known contamination issues that may damage analytical systems or be hazardous to employee health.
    • Documentation problems.

Please use good sampling techniques when taking and preparing samples for shipment. If applicable, please provide a current Material Safety Data Sheet (MSDS) for any known hazardous properties of the sample and disposition details for your samples.

Our team will send you a sample receipt notice confirming that sample(s) has been received and that testing will be initiated. Once testing has been initiated, you will be kept informed on the status of your project through completion.

All customers will be required to fill out the service agreement form and specify a payment method. This will create an account in our system, and allow us to easily process future samples.

Sample Submission Form

A Specification Sheet is required for each sample submitted. A Sample Submission Form is required for each sample. A completed Sample Submission Form is required with each sample to ensure prompt and correct handling of the samples. Incomplete sample submission form may result in turnaround time delays in processing samples


Strict confidentiality on all client work is inherent with our service as an independent laboratory. Confidentiality Agreements, which are part of standard business practice for clients, will be signed upon request after review by counsel at the client’s cost. Reports or copies of any laboratory document will only be sent to you, unless written authorization is provided.

Sample Return/Disposal

The original sample remains the client’s property at all times. Unless specified otherwise, Prime Health disposes of the sample three (3) months after testing.

Retention of Records

All data sheets, logs, and other project worksheets shall remain the property of Prime Health. Prime Health retains records for a period of 1 year after expiry, unless alternate arrangements are made by the client

We assure complete confidentiality of your reports


Solid samples are ground prior to analysis for heterogeneous purposes, unless otherwise instructed. We also consider the sample container and holding time.


Sample storage conditions are also important while submitting the sample to the lab. It includes sample packaging and storage temperature/ humidity conditions. Samples required 2-8 °C, should be shipped in proper packing with coolant bags, so that samples reach to the lab within storage criteria.


Detection limit is based on sample size used. Please submit the appropriate sample size for best results and contact us for appropriate sample sizes.

Three to ten grams of sample is normally required for the determination of each element present in amounts greater than two percent. For trace analyses (ppm), several grams are needed for each determination. If your sample is limited in quantity, please contact us in advance for more exact requirements based on your required detection limits.


Our computer tracking system allows us to find your sample in the analytical process immediately. Our turn-around times are some of the quickest in the industry:

From 5-7 Days from the Date of Receipt for regular service (10 business days for complete monographs)!

Your analytical reports are scrutinized at three levels to assure accuracy

    • First, by document reviewer
    • Second by our Laboratory Manager
    • Finally by our Director of Quality Assurance

For Quality Control purposes your reports can be sent by fax transmission or email to specific manufacturing or warehousing operations.


Here at Prime Health we know that your time is of the utmost importance. In addition to the regular five to seven-day turnaround, we can also put your sample on a rush schedule for 24, 48, and 72 hours for selected analysis.

    • 24 hours add 75% (Urgent Service Charges)
    • 48 hours Add 50%
    • 72 hours add 25%

When requesting “URGENT” services, please use Prime Health “URGENT” labels on the outside of the shipping containers. Containers labelled “URGENT” are opened and processed before Regular Service packages.

  • Sample Deliveries

    Sample deliveries are accepted Monday through Friday (except holidays), from 9:00 am to 5:00 pm.

  • Sample Handling

    Samples requiring special handling, treatment, or preparation may be subject to additional charges.

  • Sample Received

    Samples received after 3:00 PM are processed the following business day.





If a repeat analysis is performed at the client’s request and the results confirm the original results, the full price of both analyses will be charged. If repeat results differ significantly from the original findings, there will be no charge for the additional work. Prime Health reserves the right to review and evaluate costs of tests of multiple repeats.

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