Our Quality & Compliance achieves Regulatory Excellence by ensuring that throughout our Services Life Cycle, the following components are considered and utilized flawlessly:


Our vision is to be a Leading Pharmaceutical Quality Control Laboratory in Pakistan and to become a significant international player by providing high quality, cost effective, safe and innovative solutions in monitoring and analysis of medicines quality with the commitment to transform this world into a healthy planet. Our vision is carried out at every level of our organization and we will be recognized by our employees, valuable customers and esteemed Regulatory Authorities as the best organization across the country.  Our Quality and Compliance roles use integrated systems to drive product quality and maximize efficiency of quality processes.


We will discover, develop testing methods and successfully analyze the Pharmaceutical products for our valued customers to prevent, alleviate and cure diseases. We shall provide utmost customer satisfaction and achieve leadership in analyzing quality of Products and services across the country, through excellence.

We are responsible to the society. We shall be good citizens and will be driven by high ethical standards in our practices.

We are certain that people at our Organization are perfectly streamlined with our organization’s fundamental directives that are to be “fast, flexible, innovative, commercially focused and network driven.

Services & Features

  • Fast and Perfect

    The future holds huge opportunities, which are to be taken up with fast and perfect move:

    • Prompt launch of our services for our valued customers.

    • Rapid exploration and creation of new regional customers.

    • Speed to integrate disconnected data sources and facilitate collaboration in order to drive faster and more accurate insights that speed decision-making processes.

    • Ready access to key business information such as customer needs and wants.

    • Quick addressing of all customer concerns with determination to enhance our service quality.

  • Flexible

    Flexibility is a critical factor in today’s Service Providing Organizations:

    • Build trust on our Service flexibility to fulfill customer’s needs

    • Retain adequately well-trained people to utilize the state-of-art equipment to evaluate and analyze products quality.

    • Commit to abide by all the Regulatory provisions and International Quality Standards without any compromise.

    • Commit to fulfill the customer’s wants ceaselessly.

  • Innovative

    Innovative Intelligence is a key strength of our Organization. Implementation of innovative ideas brings up real improvement in the processes. The potential for innovation exists at every corner of the business:

    • Introduce new analytical technologies and methods.

    • Generate Operational Excellence Projects

    • Implement Lean Lab House

    • Cultivate eLearning and Knowledge Sharing Culture

    • Build cross-functioning training program and Human Error Reduction Strategy

  • Commercially Focused

    To be commercially focused is to keep live in the world of Health Care. Commercially focused Services is guided in the right direction which finally achieves the organization objectives:

    • Explore and discover new regions

    • Encounter every regulatory concerns in order to keep smooth flow of operations

    • Be foresighted for customer demands.

    • Seek total customer satisfaction

  • Network Driven

    We believe that the only key of organization success is the propagation of open, transparent and honest communication network infrastructure which will transform the company into a highly integrated organization.

    • Build strong Mindset strategy

    • Grow trustworthy culture with feedback system

    • Treat with equal excellence to people at all levels

    • Retain talents and create opportunities to develop their skills

    • Create Teamwork and buddy culture

We encourage each of our colleagues to continue to develop the quality culture across the organization because good leaders create a vision, articulate the vision, passionately own the vision and continuously drive it to completion.

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